Rules for the gnom card game


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Goblin card game "Wichtel Presents Game"

Suggestions and rules for the cards

Game preparation: All participants sit at a table or on the floor. Each player picks up a packet and places it in front of him so that all the players see his packet(s). The rest of the packets are placed in the middle, the so-called "Wichtel-Stapel". The more parcels, the more fun! Before you begin, a player should read the rules out loud so that everyone knows what is going on and how to play. The goal is to have most packets at the end of the game.

Gameplay: Player A (for example, the oldest / last / host) takes the first card and reads the text aloud. The action is then executed accordingly. If an action can not be executed, everything remains in the old state. The drawn card is discarded after execution of the action and is eliminated from the game. Then the next person draws a card, reads the card text aloud, and so on.

When the last card is drawn, the packs can be opened by the owner.

Since there are some sporting and less sporting activities, there should be some free space for the participants to get up and leave the place / chair.